Deliveries Policy


    Delays and cancellations

    1. Reach For A Dream makes every effort to assure that the information supplied on the site is accurate. Where delays and out of stock situations occur, every effort will be made to inform the buyer.


      Deliveries to Gauteng Province

        • Up to 2 business days

      Deliveries to other provinces (in South-Africa) excluding Gauteng

        • Up to 5 business days

      Reach For A Dream will always endeavor to make sure that information is accurate.

    1. Credit card payments.
      1. At the time of placing the order, the transaction details are presented to the bank via MyGate and an authorization is obtained for the amount of the order.
      2. Payment is only collected when the order is completed and the goods shipped.
      3. Note that to protect its own and the interests of customers, Reach For A Dream scrutinizes all transactions very carefully to prevent attempted fraud and a transaction may be refused if Reach For A Dream is not satisfied with its legitimacy.

        At the time of placing the order via Credit Card, you will be navigated to a secure online payment system called MyGate. You need to (register) if not already registered, and create a USER ID and PASSWORD on the Reach For A Dream website in order to proceed with your payment. Remember, your password and User ID are exclusive to you - please do not share them with anyone. With the account you create on the site, you will be able to view items in your 'basket' and edit orders.

    2. Bank deposit payments (EFT Payments).
      1. If the buyer can choose to pay directly into Reach For A Dream banking account, the following should be ensured from the buyers side:
      1. the exact amount being paid is the same as the total stipulated under in the 'shopping basket'.
      2. the payment must be identified by supplying the order number and surname in the reference section of the deposit-slip or on the electronic transfer.
      3. no transfers must be made from ATM's
      4. cheque deposits are subject to a clearing period.
      5. no bank deposits are accepted from outside the borders of South Africa.
      6. unpaid bank deposit orders are cancelled after five business days.
      7. The buyer must ensure that they fax through or email the proof of payment through to Reach For A Dream, in order for the shipping process to begin.

Reach For A Dream requires payment in full, prior to the dispatch of any order.
Note that any Cash Payments will incur an additional cost of R5 per R100 of the order due to bank charges.

EFT is the preferred method of payment.
Alternatively, you can process your payment directly into Reach For A Dream’s bank account.

The details are as follows:

Account name: Reach For A Dream Foundation
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: RMB Private Bank, Johannesburg
Branch code: 261 251
Account Number: 620 047 786 95
Reference: Name of item purchased, quantity and Name/Company Name

Please email proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively Fax the proof of Payment to : 011 781 0136 Once proof of payment has been received we will dispatch your order.