Show You Care Send A bear

Show You Care Send A bear

A special friend to love and hold forever

Do you remember the warmth of cuddling your Teddy Bear as a child, particularly when you felt ill or frightened?

Well, this feeling is exactly what we strive to achieve for our hospitalised children when we give them a Teddy Bear to hold. When a bear is handed to its new owner, they immediately recognize the friendly twinkle in his eyes.

Many of our children are fighting life-threatening illnesses. They have to face long, lonely days in hospital, undergoing intense treatment, often without the comfort of their parents. To help them get through it, the warmth and security of a Teddy Bear helps alleviate their distress and gives them a sense of security and comfort.

Support us by purchasing a Bear for R100 through our Show You Care, Send a Bear project, and we will send it to the child, together with a tag telling the child who it with hugs and kisses.

Help bring smiles to the hospital wards.

Show you Care Send a Bear