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While coming into contact with families when fulfilling dreams, it was realised that family relations are under tremendous strain due to the illness of the dream child. Parents try to remain strong and do not always share how they feel. Husband & wife spend very little time together. Often siblings, especially the teenagers, will act out while the younger siblings remain quiet about how they feel. Due to the huge financial strain on the family, many of them have not been on holiday, since the child was diagnosed while others have never been away at all! Family Camp and Family special events are both part of our Family Focus programme. Family Camp affords the families the opportunity to spend quality time together. The programme allows a chance for parents to spend time together, away from the children, where they can re-kindle their relationship. The children and siblings also spend time together and are in an environment where they feel that they can talk about the strain that the family is under, freely and openly.



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