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Donate Voyager Miles

On behalf of our dream children and their families, we would like to thank you for donating your SAA voyager miles to Reach For A Dream Foundation.
Every mile donated is as precious as each of our children’s dreams. Please note that you can now only donate miles online.
Below is the guide from SAA Voyager regarding the online donation

  1. Please go to the Voyager website and at the top right there will be a mandatory login tab
  2. After members have logged in with their login credentials, they will be in a position to view their voyager miles balance
  3. Members will be able to choose options on the top bar for different activities, however the donating miles option will be under Voyager shopping (option) tab
  4. A screen will appear, showing which organisations miles can be donated to, with the section on the far right to facilitate the activity.
  5. After the activity, members will receive a notification as an acknowledgement for donating miles.

Thank you for donating your miles.


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