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Jungle gym - Dream

Little Anika’s dream was to have her very own Jungle Gym. The Reach For A Dream team along with Sough Trading set off at 7am to Vryheid to go build Anika her very own Jungle Gym. It was a beautifully made jungle gym that was going to provide lots of fun and entertainment for Anika and her two year old brother Joshua.

We placed Ribbons around the jungle gym to make it a bit more of a wow surprise. Anika then arrived with her grandparents and brother to come and see what surprise Reach For A Dream had brought.

When she first saw us and the jungle gym, she was shy and a little reserved. Her little brother on the other hand was in complete awe of the jungle gym and wasted no time testing it out. We initially gave Anika some space just to explore the jungle gym and get used to our presence. After a while she began to warm up and come out of her shell. I eventually climbed up onto the jungle gym and sat next to her. This broke the ice completely and we began to see the smiles and hear the laughs as she and her little brother enjoyed the slide, swings and climbing net. Anika even enjoyed the attention of our photographer and was posing on her dream, the jungle gym.

We had lots of fun interacting with the dreamer and her little brother. We were even invited to stay and play house. We spent a good few hours playing with Anika and Joshua on the jungle gym.

When we left, we left a dreamer who had a smile from ear to ear and could not stop talking about her dream and how much she loved it. We have subsequently received a photo and message from Anika’s mother thanking us for all we did for Anika and showing us a picture of Anika and Joshua having a picnic on top of the jungle gym.

Motorbikes are the Best!

Busani Buthelezi is a six year old boy from Nkandla and is suffering with Stage 1, Nephroblastoma, a malignant tumour arising from the embryonic kidney that occurs in young children.

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