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Rachel's Star Wars Room Makeover

Rachel's Star Wars Room Makeover

7 year old Rachel, who has Pure Red Cell Anaemia, wanted an extreme room make-over for her dream.

The Cape Town dream team began with painting the bedroom walls, replacing furniture and her bed as well as the soft furnishings.

As Rachel loves Star Wars and this was the theme the team focused on.

The ceiling was painted sky-blue with clouds and stars and the team arranged for a few Star Wars prints, framed posters and light sabres to place on the walls. Rachel’s repainted desk included a Star Wars Lego night light.

As Rachel does not have a lot of energy, she does spend the most part of her day in her room, so the team really wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. On the day of the reveal, the team met Rachel at the front door with a teddy bear. She was told that her teddy had special powers and she had to wish really hard with all her might, squeezing her eyes to see what might happen.

With that, her bedroom door was opened to reveal her new bedroom. To say Rachel was speechless is an understatement. She literally walked in her room wide eyed, non-believing, staring at each object in her room.

She tried out her bed and then started exploring all the nooks and crannies, still in disbelief. Rachel loved her new room!

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