Our Stories of Hope



Aged 4 - Leukaemia

Mihle dream was to go shopping for winter clothes and for toys. She was taken to Hemmingways for an unforgettable shopping experience and in each shop she could pick her own clothes and what she liked, right down to the shoes she wanted. At each till point she was also the one to hand the items over to be scanned and just loved the feeling of control.

She had ever been to Hemmingways and had no idea what it looked like in side, nor had she ever ridden in an elevator or on an escalator and this made it all very special. In each shop Mihle took the lead, walking around and looking at all the clothing and trying to decide what she liked more. Before long her arms were filled with clothing items as she walked up to the teller to start scanning items for payment. She was talking and laughing and having the best time with her friend and aunt. A real fashionable little girl.

She then said that she had enough clothes and wanted to see what toys she could buy. She settled on one baby doll that she picked and told us that she would love the doll so much and promised to take really good care of her.



Aged 6 - Aplastic Anaemia

Oyema loves the Fast and the Furious Movie series and for his dream he went to the Border Motorsport Association international Race Day where he spent the day surrounded by fast cars just like in the movie.

Oyema loved the noise of the engines being started and tested. All the cars participating in this race were high end custom built cars and suited Oyema’s Fast and Furious dream day very well.

Oyema was taken to the designated Ferrari that would drive him around the track and he could not believe that he would get the opportunity to be like one of the actors from the Fast and Furious movie! The checkered flag went up and he was off. They drove around the track twice. And at the finish line at the end of the track Oyema was greeted with a goody bag which included a teddy bear, marbles, a remote control Ferrari of his very own and a paint by numbers kit. The highlight of the goody bag was a t-shirt with his name and the car number on the back. And then to have his brand new Teddy in the same matching shirt was such a treat for Oyema! He wore his Ferrari hat with pride. Oyema then went through to the pits where another surprise was waiting for him - his very own Portable DVD player. Oyema loved the day at the race track where he got the opportunity to live his dream. He played the part of one of his favourite actors from one of his favourite movies. It was a day of joy, fast cars and lots of fun



Aged 4 - Patent ductus arteriosis post closure

Sonele’s dream was to have her very own Bicycle and to go to the Zoo.

Sonele and her dad were fetched from the hospital and taken to The East London Zoo. Sonele had no idea that she was about to get her brand new pink Barbie bicycle and her dad and I were very excited to keep it a surprise for as long as possible. As I walked quietly up to the table, her dad was trying to distracted her by making her look at something in the opposite direction. Once I was ready I called Sonele to look over in my direction and she just beamed with excitement. She could not wait to climb onto the bicycle and her dad was quickly put to work showing her how to pedal. She had never ridden a bicycle before but did not let this stop her. She rode to each animal exhibit with her dad’s help and looked very proudly at each animal.

She just loved all the details of the bike and could not stop smiling. Even when we sat down to order some drinks to cool us off after all the walking and riding, she still stayed seated on her bicycle. It was so cute to see how much she enjoyed her dream. And her dad was really grateful. It was not long before they were on their way home, a very sleepy but extremely happy Sonele and her dad.



Aged 6 - Neuroblastoma

Leveni’s dream was to have her own dollhouse. Her dream handover happened at Bubble Jungle where she could climb, play, bounce and run around. She had never been there before and looked on in disbelieve as we walked in. She could not let go of her mom’s hand quick enough so that she could to start playing on all the climbing and sliding apparatus. She loved the trampoline because her favourite sport is “bouncing.” She enjoyed the ball pit very much and loved trying to make herself disappear in it.

After some play time she was presented with her dream dollhouse, complete with furniture, figures and all sorts of amazing little details of things one would find in a dollhouse. She loved everything. Even right down to the light switch that puts the light on inside the house.

Leveni has been through a lot of difficulties and it was fun to see her play and just be a fun 6 year old. She had no care in the world at that moment in time. Her biggest worry was how fast she could go down the slide.The doll house was special to her as us told me that one day she wants to live in a house like this one…one with stairs…she said.



Aged 4 - Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Inam’s dream was a red bag with a baby doll. She described her perfect day as “playing.” We took her and her mom to Pine Creek were the staff hid her wrapped dream on the jungle gym. After we had ordered something to eat and drink we took Inam for her treasure hunt. Inam had the most exciting time running and climbing to find her dream. As she found each of the three parcels she would sit down and excitedly start unwrapping it as she laughed and giggled.

She was so excited to show her mom as she opened each of her doll, pram or red bag. Everything had to be opened and taken out of the boxes. The pram for her doll could not be put together fast enough and all the baby accessories for her doll were placed in her red bag that took the role of a nappy bag. It was so cute and she was so excited. She was happy to finish her meal before we made our way back to CMH were she very proudly strolled into the ward with her doll. She enjoyed everyone making a fuss about her new baby doll with pram and that amazing red bag pack.

By Inam being able to leave the ward and go out for the day, it left her feeling hopeful and filled with so much joy. She now has something she can enjoy in the ward as she receives her treatment and something to comfort her once she gets home.



Aged 3- Neuroblastoma

Sisondelele is a very cute little girl with expressive eyes. She loves Barney the dinosaur and her dream was to have her own kiddies laptop to keep her busy while she was in the ward. The dream team got a Barney suit for the day of the dream but unfortunately Sisondelele was too weak to leave the ward. Nevertheless one of the team dressed up as Barney and surprised her at the hospital for a special visit. When Barney arrived all the children ran up to greet him and to take pictures. Even the adults! Sisondelele was a bit apprehensive meeting Barney for the first time but he wooed her with his singing and dancing.

Barney handed over Sisondelele’s dream to her and her face lit up when she unwrapped the laptop. Barney then taught her how to play games on her new laptop and danced for her while the Barney song played





Aged 3- Leukaemia

Elona is a beautiful young girl who is crazy about clothes, dolls and cooking. She spent her dream day at Bubble Jungle in East London where she decorated cupcakes. Elona has such an adorable and friendly smile and it was beautiful to watch her decorate her cupcake with smarties and sweets and making a big mess. But the important things is that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Elona was taken to the ball pit where her wrapped dolls and clothes were hidden. With excitement she quickly unwrapped her Minnie Mouse goodies, bracelets and big Minnie Mouse doll, which she hugged and didn’t want to let go of.



Aged 8 - Leukemia


Aged 12 - Multi-Drug Resistant TB


Aged 10 - Sickle-Cell Anaemia